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    Steam is known for its amazingly large video game collection. It has been a favorite gaming platform for a while now because it offers a convenient way of reaching gamers and providing them with the ultimate gaming experience. If you have friends or family that use Steam, then gifting them a Steam Wallet Gift Card will make them extremely happy.

    These gift cards enable recipients to purchase one or multiple games from the Steam platform, which boasts thousands of different game options. Recipients can purchase anything from high-level production games to lesser-known, Indie brands.

    Using the gift card is rather easy and straightforward. You can purchase it on multiple different websites, including Steam’s official website. Once purchased, you will be prompted to enter the recipient’s email address. The gift card recipient will receive a unique code that should be entered into their Steam account. Once done, they will receive Steam credits which they can use any way they’d like to.

    Currently, Steam offers over 2000 video games in many different genres - puzzles, action, driving, mystery, horror, strategy, etc. Steam is available on all devices, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.

    There’s something for everyone, so make sure to get your favorite game - who knows, you might even find it on sale. Steam Wallet Gift Card is the perfect way to make your kids happy and excited.


Best Steam Summer Sale 2022 Game Deals
Best Steam Summer Sale 2022 Game Deals

The Steam Summer Sale has begun, and there are literally thousands of PC game deals up for grabs until July 7. The Summer Sale is always the biggest PC gaming sale this time of year. While that's great news for everyone who games on PC, the sheer volume of deals can be overwhelming. It can be hard to know where to start, especially if you're shopping on a strict budget. To help you out, GameSpot editors have rounded up some of our favorite games featured in the Steam Summer Sale. Our list of deals is by no means exhaustive, as there are definitely hundreds more great deals that are worth checking out. That said, our picks span across a wide variety of genres and include both AAA and indie games. The only common theme you'll notice on this list is that all of the games are discounted to low prices. Some of these games have never been this cheap before, and it's doubtful we'll see anything close to these deals on Steam until the Winter Sale later this year. From massive AAA hits such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice to cherished indies like Death's Door and Stardew Valley, Steam's Summer Sale is simply chock-full of enticing deals. Plus, many of the games on this list run well on Steam Deck. Our hope is that you'll find something on this list that you wind up loving as much as we do. Disco Elysium - The Final Cut $14 ($40 ) Disco Elysium arguably has the best writing I've ever experienced in a video game. And that's a good thing, considering most of the game revolves around conversations you have with the many colorful NPCs you stumble upon in Disco Elysium's harrowing and well-realized world. A murder mystery at its heart, you play as an amnesiac detective tasked with solving a murder. The plot gets increasingly complex, and the world and characters around you are morphed by your decisions. Combat doesn't exist in the traditional sense; words are your weapons here, and Disco Elysium compels you to choose them wisely. It's truly a fantastic experience and a steal at this price. -- Steven Petite See on Steam Doom Eternal $16 ($40 ) 2016's Doom reboot brought the classic series back in style with pulse-pounding FPS combat that simply ripped. Following up Doom was a tall task indeed, but id Software did so valiantly with 2020's Doom Eternal. Expanding on the foundation in place, Doom Eternal introduced new demons and weapons as well as mechanics that made traversing each level a more immersive experience. Both are wonderful games, but Doom Eternal took everything that its predecessor did well and kicked it up a few notches. -- Steven Petite See on Steam Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade $50 ($70 ) Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is one of the newer games on this list–at least when it comes to Steam availability. The wonderful port of one of the best PlayStation console exclusives in recent memory features gorgeous graphics and the add-on story content that launched alongside the PS5 version. Final Fantasy 7 Remake boldly reimagines the first portion of one of the most beloved RPGs of all time. Swapping turn-based combat for a stylish action-based system, Remake feels thoroughly modern in a good way. Square Enix did a remarkable job appealing to diehard fans of the original while also pushing the franchise forward in cool new ways. With the second part of the story set to release in Winter 2023, now's not a bad time to dive in, especially at this price. -- Steven Petite See on Steam Deathloop $24 ($60 ) Arkane Studios' Deathloop was one of the best games of 2021. In fact, it won our Game of the Year award here at GameSpot. The time-loop adventure excels in many areas, from its fantastic gunplay and creative stealth mechanics to its gripping story and wonderful performances all around. Deathloop's myriad of systems come together to build something truly special. If you're a fan of first-person shooters and/or stealth games, Deathloop's engaging, well, loop will likely keep you entertained. -- Steven Petite See on Steam Monster Hunter Rise $30 ($60 ) With Monster Hunter Rise's highly anticipated Sunbreak expansion releasing on June 30, it's a great idea to pick up Monster Hunter Rise and experience one of the best action-RPGs of the past couple of years. Originally a Switch exclusive, Monster Hunter Rise took cues from Monster Hunter World while also streamlining gameplay in a way that made it more approachable for newcomers. It's the most action-packed Monster Hunter game yet, and you may even have time to catch up with the story before Sunbreak launches. Rise is the type of RPG that makes it easy to spend 50-plus hours playing without even realizing it. -- Steven Petite See on Steam Red Dead Redemption 2 $30 ($60 ) Rockstar's highly anticipated sequel to its grand western game didn't disappoint when it launched on consoles back in 2018. The PC port is arguably the best way to play it, depending on the power of your rig. Red Dead Redemption 2 tells a sweeping story near the end of the "Wild West" era. You play as Arthur Morgan, an outlaw in the Van der Linde gang. Throughout the story, Arthur and his fellow outlaws get into all sorts of tricky situations that typically involve shootouts. What makes Red Dead 2's gameplay so great is the sheer variety of missions as well as the methodical gunplay and other mechanics. Red Dead Redemption 2 is also a thoroughly cinematic experience, with seamless transitions between cutscenes and gameplay. The acting performances are compelling, the writing is great, and the open world is absolutely massive and teeming with intricate details. -- Steven Petite See on Steam Cuphead $14 ($20 ) Just like Monster Hunter Rise, Cuphead has an expansion releasing on June 30, this one dubbed The Delicious Last Course. If you've never played Cuphead before, it's the perfect time to run-and-gun your way through the base game ahead of the DLC. Cuphead is rendered to look like a 1930s-era cartoon, and all of the animations and sound design choices help make it really feel like you're playing a cartoon. Mostly composed of challenging boss battles, Cuphead tests your reflexes and keeps you on your toes all throughout each fight. The boss designs are unique, the gameplay is tight and dynamic, and the presentation is a pure delight. Cuphead and Mugman can also team up in local co-op and work together to save their souls from the Devil. -- Steven Petite See on Steam The Sims 4 $5 ($20 ) When it comes to what games give you the most bang for your buck, The Sims 4 ranks pretty high on the list. The literally endless simulation game offers hundreds of hours of entertainment, and enough customization and wacky secrets to make each one of those hours a whole lot of fun. Whether you want to live out your dream of actually being able to afford a house or do something a bit more, well, occult, you can do it in The Sims 4. -- Jessica Howard See on Steam Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - GOTY Edition $30 ($60 ) If, like us, you just can't get enough Elden Ring (even though you've already Platinumed it…), why not play another fantastic From Software game? Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a gorgeous action title filled with memorable boss fights and a brutal story all about revenge. Plus, the GOTY edition comes with some cool bonus features, such as the ability to leave messages for other players and the Gauntlet of Strength. -- Jessica Howard See on Steam Dragon Age series Combined price: $23 ($100 ) The Dragon Age franchise is a massive, sprawling RPG world full of incredible characters, deep lore, and interesting choices. The first tentative step was awkward but showed great potential, while the second expanded its combat, and the third and most recent--Dragon Age: Inquisition--was the culmination of everything BioWare had learned so far. Getting the entire series for a single Jefferson is an absurd amount of value for your money and will let you familiarize yourself with Thedas ahead of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. -- Steve Watts See on Steam Stardew Valley $9 ($15 ) If you've somehow managed to miss one of the best games of the decade, now is a good time to correct that. Stardew Valley took the best part of classic Harvest Moon games and brought them back with some modern touches, a relatable story, and a compelling Zelda-like adventuring element. The result is an intoxicating stew of dating sim, farm management, and combat hooks. Eric Barone's follow-up, the Haunted Chocolatier, has officially been announced now. If Stardew Valley is any indication, it'll be a sweet treat. -- Steve Watts See on Steam Mass Effect: Legendary Edition $25 ($60 ) Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is the best way to play one of the best series of the past few decades, making it a real must-buy, in my humble opinion. And not only does this collection come with the entire Mass Effect trilogy, it also comes with all the games' various DLC, which add a whole lot of fantastic stories and deep characterization to a series already filled with it. If you're looking for a sci-fi RPG to get lost in, adorned with characters you'll grow to love, a fascinating world, and a moving story you get to help shape, look no further than the Mass Effect trilogy. -- Jessica Howard See on Steam Death's Door $10 ($20 ) If you're a Zelda fan--particularly an old-school Zelda fan--I urge you to check out Death's Door. This adventure game is full of interesting dungeons, boss fights, puzzles, and charm--as well as a cute li'l crow who dishes out death. So, you know, all good things. It was my absolute favorite game of last year and very well could be yours too. -- Jessica Howard See on Steam Into the Breach $10 ($15 ) As the years go by, my already-high opinion of Into the Breach continues to grow more positive. Despite its simple appearance--you control three mechs on an 8x8 grid as they attempt to eliminate kaiju and protect nearby infrastructure--Into the Breach is a wildly deep game that touts some of the most brilliant design you'll see in a tactics game. By telegraphing the enemy's actions each turn, you're able to devise a strategy to move, impair, or otherwise inhibit their ability to deal any damage--and you might just turn their attacks on each other while you're at it. With the just-announced news that a free Advanced Edition update is coming with more content, this is a great time to pick up Into the Breach, which also plays wonderfully on Steam Deck. -- Chris Pereira See on Steam Pawnbarian $7 ($10 ) I love a good twist on chess, and Pawnbarian is among the most enjoyable I've found. It's a roguelike in which you control a single unit, but your actions are performed by choosingselecting from a selection of cards you're dealt each turn. These cards are tied to standard chess pieces, with your movement matching how those pieces normally behave, but you're able to upgrade these pieces over time to add additional effects. Enemy units exhibit unique behaviors (like leaving damage-over-time effects on tiles where they move, attacking from a distance, and so on), forcing you to carefully contemplate the ramifications of your actions every turn. Things can go south in a hurry if you're not careful, but every run feels new and different, helping to keep things fresh. I'd recommend Pawnbarian on any computer setup, but it also supports Steam Deck. -- Chris Pereira See on Steam Rez Infinite $12.49 ($25 ) Rez Infinite might just be my favorite game of all time, and now that the PC version is verified on Steam Deck (and offers VR support if you have the hardware), it's the best version you can buy on any platform. The enjoyable rail-shooter action is complemented by trippy visuals and an absolutely phenomenal soundtrack, with both the images on screen and the accompanying sound reacting to your actions and creating a sense of immersion and synesthesia that I've never experienced with another game. While it's a short journey from beginning to end, it's one that can be played over and over again--as I can attest, having replayed it regularly for 15 years now--and the new content from the Infinite version is every bit as good as the original set of levels. -- Chris Pereira See on Steam Tetris Effect Connected $24 ($40 ) The best version of Tetris you'll find anywhere, Tetris Effect blends the timeless gameplay of the original with the signature synesthesia-inducing visuals and music of Rez to create something truly special. Alongside the incredible single-player journey, there are competitive and co-op modes available, with a variety of different ways to play. But the highlight is really that blend of incredible music, sound, and visuals that react to your actions as you play. Watching a gameplay clip just doesn't do it justice--pick this up and turn off the lights, crank up the volume, and prepare for a wild ride. Steam Deck support is an added bonus, but make sure to come with headphones to really appreciate the music. -- Chris Pereira See on Steam Tiny Lands $2.79 ($7 ) Tiny Lands is one of the most relaxing games I've found on Steam in recent years. It's a simple spot-the-difference game in which you're presented with two 3D dioramas that you can spin around and zoom in on to inspect more closely as you try to spot the five ways in which the two differ. You'll usually find the first few easily enough, but that last difference can often prove elusive--which might sound frustrating, but with a casual vibe, peaceful music, and cute visuals, it's never a big deal to just move on to the next puzzle. It works great on Steam Deck and is a nice way to unwind. -- Chris Pereira See on Steam DmC: Devil May Cry $7.49 ($30 ) The best Devil May Cry game (yes, I said it), Ninja Theory's one and only entry in the series mixes stellar action with a great soundtrack that will really get your blood pumping. Even almost a decade after its first release, I find myself coming back for occasional replays, and the game holds up quite well. While there was a negative response to the new look for Dante from some fans of the series, you shouldn't let that stop you from enjoying a great combat system and fun visual style. It's verified for Steam Deck, too, letting you take an all-time action game on the go. -- Chris Pereira See on Steam Yakuza 0 $5 ($20 ) While it's certainly not the only entry point, Yakuza 0 is always my go-to recommendation for anyone looking to see what the Yakuza series is all about. It both sets up the characters and story for subsequent games in a way that lets you fully understand what's going on and has some of the best side stories and minigames of any Yakuza game. For the uninitiated, Yakuza games feature a dead-serious story of Japanese organized crime intrigue and downright zany humor, blending the two in a way that few this side of David Lynch have accomplished in any medium. You should be prepared for long cutscenes and beat-'em-up combat that can become slightly tedious over time, but as with any entry in the series, the story--which is full of heart and humor--is well worth the price of admission. Steam Deck support lets you enjoy Yakuza in handheld form, too. -- Chris Pereira See on Steam Deep Rock Galactic $10 ($30 ) Deep Rock Galactic is one I only got into recently while researching games like Left 4 Dead, and now I'm obsessed. The tight teamwork of L4D is on display here, as are the hordes of monsters, but it swaps modular levels for procedurally-generated mines, dark and isolated--and full of massive bugs that will gladly reverse roles and squish you. Armed as class-based fantastical dwarves with sci-fi weapons and tools, it's your job to get in, get loot, and escape with your ravishing beard intact. If that sounds like it's for you, bring friends and I bet you'll find you're right. -- Mark Delaney See on Steam Deadpoly $15 ($20 ) I'll always use our sale roundups to highlight cool zombie games, and Deadpoly is my latest recommendation. The title comes from the game's low-poly design, but don't let that fool you into thinking it doesn't offer depth everywhere else. It's a true zombie MMO and plays quite like DayZ. To that end, it's also a bit janky and still in Early Access, but I've found genre fans know what to expect in cases such as this. If you like stuff such as DayZ, State of Decay, and Rust, I think you'll have a great time getting in on the ground floor of this relatively new survival-craft zombie game. -- Mark Delaney See on Steam Life is Strange 2 $13 ($32 ) It seems like the Life is Strange community is split when it comes to picking a favorite. For my taste, it's actually LiS2, which tells a story about two orphaned brothers on a road trip seeking refuge after a tragedy befalls them. This one hit me hard as the older brother, Sean, takes on a paternal role for his younger brother, Daniel. That's not unlike my own upbringing of my little brother, but I imagine the numerous gut-punches in this one still land even if you weren't an older sibling/quasi-parent at an early age. The intimate human drama also reflects more broadly on themes like immigration, racism, and a nation struggling to keep empathy in the agenda. -- Mark Delaney See on Steam Hunt: Showdown $20 ($40 ) Hunt Showdown is one of those games I mostly admired from the sidelines for the last few years. Like Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, and others, it just felt like I had missed the boat on it and the hardcore community and stifling gameplay loop would not be so friendly to a newcomer like me. But over the last few weeks, I realized I was wrong. I've taken to this horror-themed extraction royale in a big way. If you like games such as Escape From Tarkov and Vigor but find yourself thinking how much cooler they'd be if they had monsters and were set in 1800s Louisiana, I have just the game for you. -- Mark Delaney See on Steam